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What is MATRIX (MAT)?

MATRIX is working on developing a multiplatform application that project solves the problem of all current cryptocurrencies that use P2P such as bitcoin and most virtual currencies, we will add another degree of validation which could be understood as a P3P, that's what we focus all our energy on.

our objective is clear, we did not come to improve technology, we came to make everyone use it for our application which we will be launching soon.


Develop a mobile application that will improve people's lives and improve P2P technology.

MATRIX uses existing technology and with that we will achieve success in less time since we have a unique approach.

Project Mission

In every great crisis a great opportunity is born, in 2010 BTC was born and the financial world changed as we knew it.

Today we find 10 years later with a new global crisis, 2020 is the year in which the entire world collapsed by a deadly virus, destabilizing the economy of every person on the planet, putting at risk the work of all and our financial stability.

MATRIX aims to focus on the benefit of all people who choose to believe in us, our project will change the world and everyone can be part of the start of change. We are sure that nothing will ever be the same. No one wants people more than us and we know that just launching a cryptocurrency is not enough.

With our application we will create exactly that, true usability and by achieving this we will be giving true value to the people who have our currency.

Project Value Proposition

The Matrix project aims to make things that have to be done, in the crypto world we have never seen a true project in which to believe and that meets the innovation standards that its users need and we believe that is why MAT has a lot to contribute.

The problems are evident, it seems that nobody does what is pending to be done.

  • Payment alternatives already exist in the market, but years have passed since the birth of BTC and nowadays nobody can use their currencies globally for their basic needs, we propose to change that
  • Resolve limitations on the usability of virtual currencies, we propose to change that
  • The value of any currency without usability is equal to zero, we propose to change that.
  • The world of cryptocurrencies does not have to be difficult, it can be fun, we propose to change that
  • Road Map

    April 2020
    May 2020
    June 2020
    Private Sale & Wallet
    Public Sale
    July 2020
    August 2020
    Partnership Implementation
    October 2021
    Echange Placement

    Our Team

    Iker Arias
    Fundador Traders League Group
    Criptomillonario, Conferencista, Empresario, Trader.
    "Mi Misión es mejorar el mundo del mañana"
    Octavio Mata
    Criptomillonario, Cryptotrader, Cofundador de TLA, Empresario.
    "Si tu dinero no esta encriptado entonces no existe"

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